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Food is one of the most satisfying ways to experience a new culture. Like much of the Caribbean, Curaçao's diverse cuisine reflects its history and heritage. Curaçao has a wide range of different cuisines and delicacies that will delight your senses. Thanks to the many different cultures intermingling on this island, you will find no shortage of new food to try. Curaçao has been home to many different cultures so you’ll find quite a few traditional Dutch

delicacies alongside an array of Afro-Caribbean, Venezuelan, and Indonesian influences creating a truly special blend of flavors Curacao has a lot of depth to its cuisine. From inexpensive meals at local markets to upscale dining, you can feast everywhere and discover some mouthwatering finds along the way. Make sure to check out some of these unique dishes during your cruise to Curaçao.

  • Funchi or Tutu

    Funchi or Tutu

    Both funchi and tutu are dishes made of cornmeal that come from the African roots in Curaçao. The consistency resembles polenta, and it is generally served as a side dish to your meal. Both tend to be savory, but tutu has the addition of black-eyed peas to give it a little extra oomph.

  • Awi lamunchi

    Awi lamunchi

    A popular beverage to beat the heat and wash it all down is awa di lamunchi, a freshly squeezed and sweetened lime juice. Add mint for a twist!

  • Curaçao Liqueur

    Curaçao Liqueur

    Though not strictly a food item, it is arguably one of the most famous consumables to come out of Curaçao and a popular addition to many cocktails. A trip to the island won’t be complete without a quick taste of this local treat. While the bright blue version that has been exported is the most common form seen outside of Curaçao, the traditional way to make it is from citrus peels and lara. Traditional blue liqueur from Curaçao is taken quite seriously on the island and can be of good enough quality to sip straight, like a fine whiskey or rum.

  • Poffertjes


    Poffertjes are yet another Dutch sweet that you won’t want to miss. They are essentially mini puffed pancakes that are served hot and fresh, and traditionally covered in butter and powdered sugar. These delectable little treats have their own pan to get them to the perfect size. They make a great on-the-go snack or post-meal dessert.

  • Stroopwafels


    Stroopwafels are another delicious Dutch sweet treat that you’ll definitely want to give a whirl while you’re in Curaçao. Often served with tea or coffee, this pastry is made up of a layer of caramel between two super-thin, wafer-like waffles. While good anytime, stroopwafels right off the iron are especially delightful. Legend has it that they were invented by a baker who got a little creative with leftovers from the bakery. However they came to be, you won’t be disappointed with the result!

  • Oliebollen


    Oliebollen are essentially the Dutch version of doughnuts: deep-fried sweet dumplings covered in powdered sugar. The name literally means “oil balls,” and if you’re a fan of hot, fresh doughnuts, you’ll love this dessert in Curaçao. Though they are traditionally eaten around Christmas and New Years, it is possible to find them all year round in Curaçao.

  • Bitterballen


    A traditional Dutch bar snack, bitterballen are flavorful meatballs. The typical filling is either beef or veal, though you may sometimes find vegetarian balls filled with veggies or cheese. They are usually served with a very strong mustard for dipping and make a great snack alongside your favorite beer!

  • Keshi Yena

    Keshi Yena

    Keshi yena is widely considered the signature dish of Curaçao. This delectable creation is a perfect example of the fusion of cuisines and cultures that are steeped in Curaçao’s history. It is comprised of a large round ball of cheese, usually Edam or Gouda, which is stuffed with spiced meat (chicken, pork etc.), olives, capers, onions and tomatoes, and then baked until perfection. Yum!

  • Seafood


    One thing that you won’t want to miss in Curaçao is trying out the delightfully fresh seafood. You can find fish tacos in abundance on the island that is served in all kinds of ways with many different species of fish. If you’re more into selfish, you’ll find a variety of fresh mussels and clams throughout the island. Shrimp are also quite common and popular in many local dishes in Curaçao as well.

  • Arepas


    Arepas, a traditional Venezuelan dish, are also very popular. They are puffy corn-based patties that resemble a lighter pita bread. They are traditionally made on a clay slab and get nice and crispy on the outside while remaining soft on the inside. Then, they are cut in half and stuffed with all kinds of different ingredients, such as cheese, meat, corn, avocado or essentially anything your heart desires. In Curaçao you’ll get their own unique interpretation of this dish, influenced by the range of cuisines available.

  • Arepa di Pampuna

    Arepa di Pampuna

    These are deliciously dense pumpkin pancakes. Arepa di Pampuna has Dutch origins, they’re almost like poffertjes! These pancakes are great doused in powdered sugar, honey, caramel, chocolate sauce, berries, alone, or with everything!

  • Iguana


    You’ll likely find iguana meat in a stew (Yuana Stoba), soup (Sopi Yuana) or fried up like wings. Said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, the meat is boney and tastes like chicken. Although everyone has their favourite spot for yuana, most recommend heading to Jaanchie’s in the scenic northwestern tip of the island.

  • Stoba


    Stoba is a hearty stew and is a common dish you’ll find all over the Caribbean. The Stoba you’ll find on Curaçao is often made with goat meat, though any meat and vegetable combination can be used. This dish gets its distinct flavor from the spices used. Some stews in Curaçao will also have papaya or cucumber inside to add a little sweetness to the spice.

  • Batidos


    This delicious icy drink is a Spanish milkshake smoothie hybrid made with frozen fruit, milk and sugar. You’ll see stands for batidos everywhere. After a swim in the hot sun, there is nothing more refreshing. It’s lighter than a milkshake but sweeter than a smoothie. You can’t go wrong with tropical flavors like papaya, pineapple or mango.

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