About us

How we started:

Founded in 2009, Prins Car Rental B.V. has come a long way from its humble beginnings. 

I studied and worked in Holland as a car engineer for 6 years and during the holidays I would visit my family who lived in Curacao. I noticed during my vacations on Curacao that there were never enough cars for rent, and most car rental companies do not have a transparent pricing policy (no all-in prices).

So, I thought to myself, why not change this? And with that thought, it all started!

After completing my studies as a car engineer in Holland, I quit my day job, packed my belongings and emigrated back to Curacao, where my new journey would start. At first, it was just me, my brother and a part-time car washer working in my backyard with merely 8 cars to rent. 

My burning passion for cars and service excellence boosted us further to a small rental office on a busy main road in Curacao.

Our unwavering commitment to service excellence and our brand new cars with all-in pricing is what distinguishes Prins Car Rental B.V. from others in the industry.

In January 2020 we moved to our own modern office with a bigger lot just 2 minutes away from the airport to serve our customers even better and faster. We are still constantly improving our services and cars with new and modern technology such as online check-in and self-service rental options.

Due to the big success on the island of Curacao, we have extended to a Prins Car Rental branch in Bonaire in June 2020

We now serve customers from many parts of the world and have been through more than 120 cars.

We are thrilled that we're able to share our passion with you.

Meet the team!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The team

  • Edward Prins

    Edward Prins

    Founder and owner of Prins Car Rental B.V.

    Always at work but never really working.


    • English  [great]
    • Spanish  [moderate with an island twist]
    • Dutch  [great]
    • Papiamentu  [the best]

    What you can blame him for: If the rental prices are to low, blame him!
    Ps: if the prices are too high, blame the bank for their high interest rates.

    Born and raised on Curaçao.

  • Danae Berginia

    Danae Berginia

    Managing director/ operations manager

    The mother of the company.  She will act more like the boss than the boss himself!


    • English  [great]
    • Spanish  [good]
    • Dutch  [great]
    • Papiamentu [the best]

    Born and raised on Curaçao.

  • Lindomar Laker

    Lindomar Laker

    Car Detailer and Shuttle driver

    The more serious one at the company. This guy takes his job very seriously but if you hand him a strong cocktail at the end of the day, he will loosen up very quickly.


    • English  [moderate with an island twist]
    • Spanish  [good]
    • Dutch  [moderate with an island twist]
    • Papiamentu  [the best]

    Blame him: If your car & tires are not shining like mirrors, please.

    Born and raised on Curaçao.

  • Kiona Antersijn

    Kiona Antersijn

    Weekend rental agent

    When the rest of the team is at the beach drinking beers, she will be at your service.


    •  English  [great]
    • Spanish  [moderate with an island twist]
    • Dutch  [great]
    • Papiamentu  [the best]

    Born and raised on Curaçao.

  • Esther Bakker

    Esther Bakker

    Rental agent

    The dutch girl that came all the way from Holland to work at Prins Car Rental. She did it especially for us, and not for the nice sunny weather!


    • English  [great]
    • Dutch  [the best]
    • German  [moderate]

    Born and raised in the Netherlands.

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Our services

We offer you the following services to facilitate your rental at Prins:

  • 24 hours Self Service 
  • Online Check-in
  • No credit card required
  • No advanced payment required
  • Zero booking fees
  • Airport pick up and drop off service 
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Pre-paid Fuel options
  • Free 24/7 road services
  • No booking fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • We take pictures and videos of your rental car before you leave and send them to you by email.
  • No hidden fees (all in pricing)

We offer many more services to make you feel at home away from home!

Feel free to contact us for further information.


Here at Prins Car Rental Bonaire we constantly monitor our competitors so we know we're offering the best rates and the best value on the web, that’s why we‘re so confident you’ll find the best price for your car rental here.

How does Prins Car Rental Lowest price guarantee work?

  1. Make a quote online, or send us an email with your travel dates, type of car you are looking for to receive a quote from Prins Car Rental.
  2. Compare this quote with other car rental companies on the internet.
  3. If you find a lower rate (quote), submit a screenshot from the competitor's website that shows the lower internet rate for an equivalent Car Hire, which means a car hire with the same booking conditions, (which include the same car type, same year or newer, all risk insurance, sales tax, and pick-up and drop-off locations, times and dates), send this to us by mail, and we will match your cheaper quote.

Important to know when making a comparison with Prins Car Rental

The total price mentioned in the Prins Car Rental quote is including additional driver, 24/7 road service, sales tax, unlimited mileage, road map, and free pickup and return service from and to your accommodation or airport

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