If you drive away, you will be held responsible for all damage to the car, even if you have taken the CDW Plus option! While waiting for the road service, please call the office to inform us of what happened. Contact us at +599 795-0055 (mobile, also on WhatsApp).

In case any event occurs which may have caused damage to the car, you must leave the car standing exactly where the accident happened, even if this is in the middle of the road, stay there and call Bonaire Security Force Service at +(599) 717-9292. They will come to your location, where the accident happened, and they will make a report and take pictures of the scene. You will get a copy of this report. This report you need to bring to us, so we can continue the process with the insurance company.

If you drive away from the scene you will be held responsible for all the damage to the car, even if you have taken the zero risk option!

While waiting for the road service to get to you, please call the office to inform us of what has happened Please contact us at +599 795-0055 (mobile, also on WhatsApp).

For mechanical difficulties like a flat tire, for example, you can call "Wegenwacht Bonaire' at +599 785-2604.


Yes, we are open 7 days a week, so also on Sundays.

All our cars are all risk insured (this includes Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection) with a deductible (Own risk) of $500, so this means that you are fully insured, but with a deductible (Own risk) of $500. If you have damage to the car that is either your fault or not your fault you can only lose a maximum amount of $500 (exceptions are when you were speeding, you were drinking and driving, you lose your keys, or the keys get wet or you leave the accident scene).

The own risk options you can choose from are only to reduce your own risk in case you have an accident, keep in mind that this is separate from your insurance, we do not sell insurance, so you will remain all risk insured. We have the following own risk reduction options:

  • Own risk Reduction option’: if you choose this option you pay $7.50 a day extra, and in case you have an accident the maximum amount you can lose will be reduced from $500,- to  $350,-
  • Zero Risk option’: if you choose this option you pay $15 a day extra, and in case of an accident, you don’t have an own risk (No financial responsibility). So the amount of $500,- will be reduced to $0,00.

Yes, just send us an email or a WhatsApp message with the changes, and we will make adjustments to your reservation as long as this would be possible.

No, a down payment is not mandatory at Prins Car Rental.

We will check your flight on the day of arrival to see if there are any delays using an online flight tracker.

You can leave the car at the airport. This procedure will be explained in detail upon completing your reservation online.

We have a special Self-service procedure to follow. This will be explained in detail upon completing your reservation online.

Yes, we also deliver our cars on location.

Upon arriving at the airport, your car will be in the airport parking lot, so you can just hop in and drive off and start the vacation.

Exact details on how this service works will be provided upon completing your reservation.

Yes, we also provide pickup service from or to the airport free of charge.

Yes, we do provide free pick up service if you rent for a minimum of 3 days.

Yes, but only a third party liability (maximum of  USD 83,800).

Yes, you need to be 23 years or older. In case you are underage, please contact us directly by email or WhatsApp

yes, we always give our clients a free Roadmap.

No, we recommend our customers to download one of the many online maps to get directions

Yes, for USD 3.00 a day (excluding tax).

Yes, we do have special long term rental rates. Please send us an email at [email protected] or a WhatsApp message with the dates so we can make you a special offer.

No, you don’t. Your local driver’s license is enough as long as it is valid.

No, unfortunately, we do not accept payments in euros, however, you are able to leave euros behind for your deposit (own risk).

Yes, we do accept payments with a credit card (VISA and Mastercard). We only accept American express on request.

The all-inclusive prices mean that the prices include all-risk insurance, additional driver, 24/7 road service, road map, and free pickup and return service from and to your accommodation or airport.

What to do when item lost

Forgot something in your returned rental car?

It’s always upsetting to lose something, which is why we’ve made it easy to reunite you with your lost property.

Are you still on the island?

Please contact us, so we can agree on a meeting point to return your item.

Did you already leave the island?

No worries, by paying a small fee, we can provide you with an additional service of returning your property through one of the many international couriers we have on the island.
*All charges of courier are for the client.

*Prins Car Rental is not responsible for damaged, broken, or unfound properties.

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