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These frequently-asked questions have been assembled based on commonly asked questions from our customers.

Opening hours

Are you open on weekends?

Yes, we are open on both Saturday and Sunday

Pick-up service

Do you offer free pickup (shuttle) service from our accommodation?

Yes, we do provide free pickup service (shuttle) from your hotel in the Willemstad area, if you rent for a minimum of 3 days.
If you are staying at Westpoint (for example Kura Hulanda Lodge) or you are staying at the Santa Barbara Resort (previously HYATT) or Janthiel and surrounding the Shuttle service is free if you rent for 7 days or more.


Do you offer pickup (shuttle) service from or to the airport?

Yes, we also provide pickup service from or to the airport for $25 (both ways). If drop off at the airport is solely desired, then the charge for this will be $10.


How does the pickup service work at the airport?

Due to the new rules and regulations of Curaçao Airport Partners the shuttle service from and to the airport will be $25 extra. If you would like to be picked up and dropped off at the airport, $25 will be added to your reservation.

Upon arriving at the airport, you can hop in the first Taxi in line to take you to our office. This Taxi will be covered by Prins Car rental.

Address: Franklin D. Rooseveltweg 362, Sta. Maria.

Do you deliver the car on location?

No, we don’t deliver cars on location, but we do have a Free Shuttle service where we pick you up at your location and bring you to our office to arrange the paperwork.


What if my flight arrives at night?

We do have pickup service at night only for the large airline companies, for example American Airlines, KLM, TUI. Please indicate if this is the case, so we can provicde you with the proper instructions.

What if my flight leaves before opening hours?

You can leave the car at the airport (we will explain the details when you pick up the car at our office). This service is only for customers who fly with American Airlines.

How do you know if my flight is delayed?

If we have your flight number and arrival time, we will check your flight on the day of arrival to see if there are any delays (using flight tracker).

Online reservation

If I make an online reservation, do I have to make any sort of down payment?

No, you don’t have to pay anything upfront.  The payment will be made when you receive the car.


If we make a reservation online, can we change this reservation afterwards?

Yes, just send us an email with the changes, and we will make the adjustments to your reservation.


What do you mean by “all risk insurance”?

All our cars are all risk insured (this includes Collission Damage Waiver and Theft Protection) with a deductable (Own risk) of $342, so this means that you are fully insured, but with a deductible (Own risk) of $342. If you have damage to the car that is either your fault or not your fault you can only lose a maximum amount of $342 (exceptions are when you were speeding, you were drinking and driving or you lose your keys).

What do you mean by Own risk options?

The own risk options you can choose from are only to reduce your own risk in case you have an accident. We have the following own risk reduction options:

  • ‘Own risk Reduction option’: if you chose this option you pay $4 a day extra, and in case you have an accident the maximum amount  you can lose is $200;
  • ‘Zero Risk option’: if you chose this option you pay $10 a day extra , and in case of an accident, you don’t have an own risk (No financial responsibility).
If we rent with Prins Car Rental do we have liability insurance protection?

Yes, but only a third party liability (maximum of ANG 150,000 or $ 85,714).


Do you accept payments with a credit card?

Yes, we do accept payments with a credit card (VISA and Mastercard). We do not accept American express.

Can we pay in US Dollars?



Can we pay in EURO’s?



Do I need an international driver’s license to drive on Curacao?

No, you don’t.

Do you have special long term rental rates if I rent for 4 weeks or longer?

Yes, we do have special long term rental rates. Please send us an email at [email protected] with the dates so we can make you a special offer.


Do you rent infant seats or toddler seats?

Yes, for USD 3 a day (excluding tax).

Do you rent GPS Systems?

Yes, for USD 5.24 a day (excluding tax).

Is a GPS system necessary on Curacao?

We highly recommend our customers to rent a GPS system (especially as an first time visitor), because the street names and signs are not always visible. This will save you a lot of time on your vacation.

Do I get a Road map in the car?

Yes, we always give our clients a free Roadmap.

Are there minimum age requirements to rent a car with Prins Car Rental?

Yes, you have to be 23 years or older.

What does the All-inclusive prices mean, what is exactly already in the price?

The all-inclusive prices mean that the prices include all-risk insurance, additional driver, 24/7 road service, road map and free pickup and return service from and to your accommodation.

Terms & Conditions

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